Bonny Vocational Centre (BVC) is one of the Sustainable Development Initiatives (SDIs) set up by NLNG in conjunction with the Bonny Kingdom to mitigate specific Social Impacts identified in various Environmental, Social & Health Impact Assessments (ESHIAs). The Centre was formally incorporated in March 2005 as an incorporated trustee; established to promote and develop vocational/entrepreneurial skills, technical competences and self-reliance in youths of Bonny kingdom in particular and Nigeria in general. As an educational establishment that is geared towards meeting the needs and aspirations of the students through a three-tier curriculum, the Centre gained accreditation and approval from the City and Guilds of London Institute in 2007 hence, on successful completion of training, a student is awarded the International Vocational Qualification (IVQ) Level 3 Advanced Diploma Certificate. Also to ensure that students are given the required industrial exposure, after training, a job placement scheme has been designed with the support of Nigeria LNG and other companies operating within the community.


The Centre is strongly committed in the pursuit of her core values, shared vision and mandates, hence, to achieve her objectives the Centre activities are driven by sustainable academic excellent performance. The value adding approach of student-centered learning, good staff/students relationship and compliance to standard practices in the industry, engagement of qualified Assessors/Facilitators that are internationally certified, the use of modern teaching/learning aids and equipment, creation of conducive learning environment, the adoption of teaching approaches and practices that reflect best practice in the industry and laid down rules and regulations to regulate students conducts are key factors responsible for the sustainable excellent performance of the Centre.


The vision of BVC is to equip the indigenes of Bonny Kingdom and others from NLNG Gas Transmission System (GTS) with technical and vocational skills for sustainable development.


The mission of BVC is to provide ‘Technical Skills for Sustainable Development’ through which the local working population is able to capitalize on the service and manpower requirements of NLNG and other operating companies on the Island. Within this mission, BVC is committed to provide the formation of a globally competitive student through a continuous technical advancement and skills development with the ‘hands-on’ experience; take an active part in the continuing development of a just and humane environment and in promotion of work, ethics, discipline, resourcefulness and nationalism in meeting the demands for quality, excellence and for job satisfaction.


  • To train mainly Bonny indigenes in technical vocations for use in the construction of NLNG plants.
  • To train local indigenes in vocations that will service and maintain local industries on the island, i.e. non-construction work for NLNG and other operating companies on the island.
  • To provide a means for the locals to improve their proficiency level in skills like plumbing, fabrication, welding and pipe work, etc., that will make them readily employable on the island and beyond.
  • To work in unison or collaborative partnership with government and agencies of government in all activities that is aligned with BVC objectives.
  • To promote, maintain contacts and work with other organizations within and outside Nigeria with Centre objectives in focus.
  • Also, to train local contractors on the island who had been awarded contracts as part of the local content agreement with all operating companies in Bonny Island, in order for them to execute the contracts efficiently.